Preparing for IMTS: 10 things to do before you go

IMTS 2016

If you plan on attending IMTS 2016, you’ve made the first most important decision: investing in your future success. How can you get the most out of this investment? Here are some suggestions from Autodesk Manufacturing on how to maximize your ROI.

  1. Plan to attend for no less than two (2) full days. There is so much to see and trying to get it all done any quicker than that will not offer the value you should expect.
  2. Bring a camera and a notepad. You will see some really cool technology and new ways of managing processes. (Be sure to ask for permission to snap a picture!)IMTS 2016 Convention Floor
  3. Dress comfortably. There is no formal dress code for this event. So be as you are! Be sure to wear comfortable shoes because if you’re doing IMTS right you’ll be walking a lot.
  4. Network. Learning from others who share the same challenges and concerns as you can be the most lucrative aspect of your event.
  5. Plan your show in advance. Check out the event website and decide when you will be visiting each booth. Even better: make appointments with the vendors that are most important to you.
  6. Set aside times to address normal issues. Commit to one or two hours per day when you will respond to emails and return phone calls. This way you want be feeling the overload when you get back (or at least not as much).
  7. Titan is going to be in our booth from Noon-3PM on Wednesday and Thursday! Come hear him speak on the latest CNC trends and developments.
  8. Watch the machining demos. These can be so informative and really help you be the most.
  9. Before you go, check out our page: Familiarize yourself with this great resource as you may realize that Autodesk streamlines all aspects of manufacturing.
  10. Come and see us! Autodesk will be in the Software Pavilion, Booth #: E-3222 in the East hall

We look forward to seeing you there!





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