Manufacturing and Autodesk

Things that sound crazy at the time:

What if 10 years ago someone told you most people in America will carry a computer in their pocket with more processing power than what sent the Apollo astronauts to the moon, with cameras that can make professional quality movies, could track your exercise, entertain you, and even make a call. Some people would have believed this, some would not, yet there have been around four billion smart phones sold. Or 20 years ago if someone said you’d pay $4.00 for a bottle of water at a ball game, would that be crazy?

Smartphone could send someone to the moon.
Smartphones have a lot of processing power

What if 10 years ago, someone told you Autodesk, Inc. would be a major player in manufacturing? There would have been some believers, and there probably would have been some skeptics. However, here we are at 2016, and that has become a reality. Autodesk is definitely a major player in manufacturing.

IMTS 2016:

The International Manufacturing Technology Show, or IMTS, is one of the largest manufacturing focused shows in the world, and the 2016 show recently finished exhibiting. If you were to visit the Autodesk booth during this show, you would have seen solutions for:

  • Integrated CAD/CAM
  • Advanced CAM functions
  • CAD and CAM for artistic use
  • Turning, including Swiss Lathe
  • Wire EDM
  • Cloud based CAD/CAM
  • Nesting
  • Fabricating
  • Moldflow analysis
  • Structural analysis
  • Simulation
  • Factory Design
  • Industrial 3D printing
  • Robots
  • Plus connecting all those things together through the internet for monitoring and reliability.

What you would not have found in the IMTS software pavilion, is anyone else with such a broad offering of manufacturing products. Nor would you have seen certain other large CAD companies, clearly showing Autodesk’s commitment to manufacturing.

The IMTS 2016 Autodesk booth showed a commitment to manufacturing, and was always busy
IMTS 2016 – booth was always busy

Manufacturing Tracks at Autodesk University:

Despite all of this, there are still many, including Autodesk users, that don’t know the breadth and depth of the manufacturing solutions offered. They may use some Autodesk products in one portion of their business, but not in manufacturing.

Fortunately at Autodesk University this year, there are tracks specifically for manufacturing, including:

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • CAM
  • Composites and Fabrication
  • Factory Design
  • Moldflow
  • And more.

Autodesk University, or AU, is the premiere event for Autodesk customers to educate, investigate, and shape the future. AU for North America is in Las Vegas, November 15-17, and promises to be a fantastic event. Whether you use Autodesk products for manufacturing or not, you can learn a lot about how to Design/Make/Use at AU. Click here for a list of manufacturing and production classes.

Early bird pricing is available, but you have to register before October 10th. Not able to make it to AU this year, share this blog with someone you know that may be interested.

Register for Autodesk University
Register for Autodesk University

Al Whatmough is Product Manager at Autodesk for the HSM based CAM product; HSMWorks, Inventor HSM & Fusion 360. A machinist by trade, prior to joining Autodesk, Al was involved in the CADCAM field by running or owning companies that provided sales, services and created training for businesses wishing to implement integrated CAD/CAM technology.

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