HSM Team supports 24 Haas demos days across the US


If the Haas demo days where any indication of the mood in American Manufacturing, then things are good.  Reports from events across the country indicated packed open houses.  In Sacramento @tim.paul found himself still talking to excited machinists 1 hour after the event ended. Customers stayed so late, they helped pack things up!.

As a product manager, is was exciting to for me to hear first hand from customers using our software.  Both the good comments as well as suggestions on things that need improvement.   If you are wondering, 4 Axis continues to be at the top of the list.

Below are some of the inspiring things we heard from our users:

“I finally switched my machining class to 100% HSMworks and for the first time in my teaching career no one crashed the machines all semester long!”

“I love how simple HSM is to use compared to xxxxxxCAM!”

“Dude, My two buddies just told me they are downloading an HSM Trial and will probably be switching. $h!t, I would probably switch if yyyyCAM wasn’t part of my business” –Local yyyyCAM Sub-Dealer

Through-out the day and across the country machines dances away making Chips fly.  Below are some videos and images captured from the event.

If you are on Social Media, search for #Haasome, #Autodeskcam, #Haasdemodays2016 for more videos and Images.


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Al Whatmough is Product Manager at Autodesk for the HSM based CAM product; HSMWorks, Inventor HSM & Fusion 360. A machinist by trade, prior to joining Autodesk, Al was involved in the CADCAM field by running or owning companies that provided sales, services and created training for businesses wishing to implement integrated CAD/CAM technology.

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