The 10 things to do while at IMTS

IMTS is definitely a big show. Not only is it the largest manufacturing show in the world, but it is the second largest show in the United States after CES. To see the whole thing really takes more than a day.  While you may not spend a lot of time at all of the exhibits and events at IMTS, there are some fun things you should check out while at IMTS. We made a list of ten things to do or see at IMTS.

#10 – The “L” or elevated train. You can buy 1, 3 and week long passes for the CTA, Chicago Transit Authority that allow you to take the subway or buses in the city. Although there are free shuttle buses running from the hotels to the show, taking the “L” can get you to restaurants faster and cheaper than a cab. If you are flying into O’Hare, the Blue line takes you directly downtown, and it’s faster and cheaper than a cab.

#9 – See the shiny kidney bean shaped thing at Millennial Park. Take a selfie of yourself with the reflection of the Chicago skyline in the reflection. Go ahead and walk around the park a little, a little nature is good for the soul.

Shiny Bean

#8 – Check out the observation deck at the Willis Tower. This clear plastic enclosure sticks out from the building, where you can see under your feet 1,353 feet to the pavement.


#7 – Chicago deep-dish. It’s not a trip to Chicago without some deep-dish, where many places make the pizza by piling the cheese onto the dough, and topping it with sauce, the opposite of most anywhere else. For traditional deep dish, go to Gino’s East. Bring a sharpie, free time, and an appetite. The pizza is plentiful, it takes a while to cook, and you can draw on the wall while you wait.

Deep Dish

#6 – IMTS TV. Relax and watch some of the IMTS TV episodes from the previous day, and you may get an idea of something to check out. Or check out their stories now.

#5 – Check out some of the local brewery’s. Want your beer to be free instead? Go to the HSM Hangout after hours event on Tuesday, Sept 13th.  Go to the Autodesk booth at E-3222 during regular show hours for a ticket.

#4 – Check out Titan Gilroy from the TV series Titans of CNC in the Autodesk booth, E-3222 on Wednesday & Thursday at 12:00 and 3:00. Titan will also be at the Tuesday evening after hours event.

Titan Gilroy

#3 – Check out the student summit. See what the future manufacturers are learning and using.

#2 – Check out the IMTS App for your Apple or Android device to help you stay organized.

#1 – Visit Autodesk’s booth at E-3222. That’s in the East hall, pretty close to the bridge that gets you there. Here you can find manufacturing solutions for almost anything. CAD, CAM, Nesting, Fabricating, MoldFlow, 3D Printing, Inspection and more. Seriously, you’ll be glad you did.

Autodesk Manufacturing

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Al Whatmough is Product Manager at Autodesk for the HSM based CAM product; HSMWorks, Inventor HSM & Fusion 360. A machinist by trade, prior to joining Autodesk, Al was involved in the CADCAM field by running or owning companies that provided sales, services and created training for businesses wishing to implement integrated CAD/CAM technology.

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